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Disinfectants in a COVID-19 World, Sean breaks it all down

In 2011, I was fortunate enough to visit Chicago to attend an expo, a place where some of the best minds in contents restoration meet. They shared unique points of view on different topics, from pack outs to contents, to deodorization and decontamination. I was surprised at that point in my career there was no single stage answer for dealing with pathogens. All deodorization methods were simply a masking agent, and all decontamination methods were aqueous. 

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Covid 19
Workplace Cleaning During COVID-19

It was on December 19th, 2019 that the world became awoken by a new global threat, not since 1346 (during the era of the bubonic pathogen) has the world been faced with such a virus. SARSCoV-2 Coronavirus quickly became a worldwide priority.

The first time we saw an outbreak like this appeared in 2003, known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS, the second outbreak occurring in 2012 in Saudi Arabia; Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS. These two strains, under the designation SARS-COV, transformed into SARS-CoV2 better known as COVID-19. These strains have a great deal in common because they are known as envelope viruses; susceptible to surfactants as well as any disinfectant cleaning agent containing 0.1% Sodium Hypochlorite, as well as other oxidants due to their susceptible structure.

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Floor cleaning
Contents Tip Of The Week

It comes in all colors of the rainbow, covering an amazing spectrum of scents; from lavender to forest fresh (and my personal favorite - lemon) dish soap is one of the unsung heroes of the cleaning world. Gone are the days where we can just use this product in the sink, dish soap is fast, effective and it's safe. There will always be jobs that require a little more than dish soap can offer, but with the addition of a few house hold cleaners, no job is too big to tackle in your home. Here are just a few of my favorite jobs that this simple soap can handle.

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