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Floor cleaning

It comes in all colors of the rainbow, covering an amazing spectrum of scents; from lavender to forest fresh (and my personal favorite - lemon) dish soap is one of the unsung heroes of the cleaning world. Gone are the days where we can just use this product in the sink, dish soap is fast, effective and it's safe. There will always be jobs that require a little more than dish soap can offer, but with the addition of a few house hold cleaners, no job is too big to tackle in your home. Here are just a few of my favorite jobs that this simple soap can handle.

Floor Cleaner

Using a few drops (about 3) in a bucket of warm water offers a simple solution that will leave your laminate, hardwood, tile and yes even your cement floor looking amazing. Still not a believer? Try the same mixture on yourcollection dish soaps home's siding and be amazed. The grease cutting ability in the soap removes the oils that we inadvertently brought into our home. Oils from the air that settle onto the floor, as well as the oils from our skin. What you're left with is a clean and streak-free surface.

Quickly Clean A Blender

blenderThis one is simple, just add a drop or two of the dish soap in your blender, fill half of it up with water, and blend away. I for one have tried to clean a blender with just soap and water, and what looked good was only on the surface. This method will insure a much deeper clean without leaving a film on the plastic.

Grease Stain Buster

The most economical and safest product you can put on your everyday clothing is dish soap. This method is used to clean many stain types but works most effectively on grease. Take one drop (possibly two depending on the stain coverage) and rub the fabric gently within your fingers. This will allow the concentration to work into the fibers of the clothing. shirt

Kill Weeds

With just a few household ingredients you can have yourself a safe and affordable weed killer. Take an empty spray bottle, and squeeze in a healthy amount of dish soap. Add half a cup of salt, and fill the rest with our good friend vinegar. Give it a slow swirl for a few minutes to get the mixture moving, then let it stand for about ten minutes. Shake it before each use. When ready, spray the mixture onto the base of the weed as it will kill the plant from the roots up. This non toxic mixture is completely safe to use around children or pets, but be careful in your garden, as it will also destroy flowers.

Marble & Granite

kitchenAs you know, natural stone is very hard to clean. Using specialized chemicals that penetrate its surface can leave a build up of hazy streaks. After a period of time the accumulation becomes unsightly and no longer looks clean. By incorporating a few drops of dish soap into your cleaning routine daily, you will avoid greasy build up and have counter with a steak free clean look. Because there are so many positive cleaning potentials with dish soap, many people will suggest that you always add a little vinegar to the mix, but unless you are killing weeds, this typically will not work for cleaning. This is because dish soap is not PH neutral, its a base. When you add a base to an acid like a vinegar, it will diminish the actions of both.


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